Lily Leung
  • Lily Leung

    Lily Leung

    Position: Assistant Studio Manager/ Co-Owner

    Education: Bachelor of Science & MBA

    Creative Experience: Cooking with a recipe but not following the recipe

    Certifications: First Aid CPR, Certificate in E-Commerce, Certificate in Project Management Professional

    Favourite Art Form: Zumba

    Favourite Expression: There is always a silver lining

    Bucket List: To finish my law degree that I started 10 years ago, to see the Aurora lights, to watch migration in the African safari

  • lily

    Hobbies: Cooking, grocery shopping, travelling, being pranked by my kids

    Languages: English, Cantonese, ½ Mandarin, 1/16 Spanish

    Proudest Moment: CLAP’s opening

    Childhood Dream: Still trying to figure it out

    Never seen without: My kids