Lindsay Rett
  • Lindsay Rett

    Lindsay Rett


    Arts & Crafts Instructor



    Bachelor of Fine Art and Bachelor Education at Nipissing University


    Creative Experience:

    Visiting the art galleries in Italy, France and Spain. Looking at a variety of different artists and architecture from the past and learning about Art History from a first person experience!



    Kindergarten, ESL, Special Ed. Part I from OISE.


    Favourite Art Form:

    Printmaking & Drawing


    Favourite Expression:

    “Every child is an artist the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” -Picasso

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    Bucket List:

    Hike machu picchu, find a printmaking studio to learn and practice more!



    Singing, Drawing, Traveling, Swimming





    Proudest Moment:

    Watching students present their art during a mini summer art show – showing off the work they have created to family and friends


    Childhood Dream:

    Superstar singer


    Never Seen Without:

    a pencil