Natalia Vargas
  • Natalia Vargas

    Natalia Vargas

    Position: Teaching / Administrative Assistant

    Education: Working towards Ontario Secondary School Diploma

    Creative Experience: I have experience as a musician, I play the trumpet in the school band at St.Elizabeth CHS, and played in the school band during my last two years at Julliard Public School from 2014 – present.

    Certifications: Honour roll in elementary school and both years in secondary school.

    Favourite Art Form: Music

    Favourite Expression: You only live once

  • natalia

    Bucket List: Travel to Paris, and learn a martial art.

    Hobbies: Golf, photography, and playing the trumpet.

    Languages: English, French, Spanish.

    Proudest Moment: Worked an entire year towards my goal of winning in a school golf tournament, and in the end I came first in the consolation round.

    Childhood Dream: Construction worker or football player

    Never seen without: Water